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"I just want to thank Pacem's Mindful Solutions for creating Magick Muscle Rub. We have used this before for general muscle discomfort & we were amazed at how effective it was. I recently, as a result of cold & cough, was diagnosed with Pleurisy in my left lung. It is an extremely painful & debilitating condition that caused me two nights of literal insomnia. When I went to my doctor yesterday I was prescribed cough syrup, lidocaine patches & an inhaler to open my airways. NOTHING was working & I was literally in tears, exhausted from lack of sleep! My husband pulled out the Magick Muscle Rub & said 'Try it': It worked & allowed time for everything else to kick in! I am a firm believer & testament to the effectiveness of this rub. It in itself wasn't the cure but the catalyst! I slept! Thank you, Pacem's, from the bottom of my heart"

Diane Kramer Stamp

"The 'Gardenia Dreaming' pillow and linen mist is what sweet dreams are made of!!!!!"

Ronja Ashworth

"I just got the Vanilla-Cocoa bean whipped body cream & Magick Muscle Rub in the mail. The body cream smells so good and my skin instantly feels softer. The muscle rub worked great 1st try!!! I definitely recommend both & I'm sure everything else is just as wonderful!!!"

Erin Matkins

"Thank you Pacem's Mindful Solutions for all the goodies today. After being in the water 9 hours a day with 60 students, all these products were awesome to use!!! #allnatural
Every single product I've had from them I absolutely love!! They all feel amazing on my skin."

Makenna Hartman Isr

"This is the best stuff ever. Makes me feel so pampered like being infused with love and magic"

Mary Smyly

"I ordered the Magick Muscle Rub and OMG this cream is amazing!!! It melted into my skin and was not greasy at all. I had a nice warm tingling then my back pain eased off. It also has a nice scent so I don't have to worry about the strong menthol scent that others have. Can I say it's not greasy again? I highly recommend the Magick Muscle Rub."

Denise Phillips

"These products are wonderful!! I have not only tried these products but use them on a daily bases. The smells are great, the texture is great, the results are AMAZING!! You can really feel the love and possitive energy that Narah Pacem puts into her products as she makes them....that love and possitivity is part of my daily routine when I use these products"

Michelle Childers

"All of her products are made with love and she is very open to suggestions. I highly recommend all her products."

Melanie Feliberty

"There isn't a product on here that I haven't tried and loved! Everything is homemade, no chemicals and its ALL-NATURAL!!! The Whipped Body Creams and face creams are my favorite."

Cara Smyly

"I highly Recommend Pacem's Mindful Solutions. I love your linen spray and your lotions. The smell stays on your skin forever & I love the way it makes your skin feel."

Conner Bogden

"Very thorough and detail oriented, extremely knowledgeable about her products and services and super friendly!!! I highly recommend Pacem's Mindful Solutions"

Alix Huie

"As someone with sensitive skin the Rose Vine #9 and Whipped Body Cream are among the top 3 products I have been able to use on my face without causing irritation and breakouts"

Christine Ruth Harris

I was amazed at how fast your magick muscle cream worked. My back and hip have stopped aching constantly. You really have the magic touch with your products and I recommend them to anyone who has an ouchie! I can not say enough about this cream. The care you put into this shows how much you love the people in this world. I love you and your cream!!! This wonderful lady spreads love and joy wherever she goes.

Jacqueline White

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